Animal Portraits in Oil and Pastel by Rachael Dols
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Photography by Unleashed Artistry
Unleashed Artistry


I live with my two dogs, who are my most influential, and cherished friends, Millie my Samoyed and Layza my Kelpie. I rescued Millie from a shelter when she was 4 and she has been part of the family going on 8 years now.
I adopted Layza at 1 year old from the Australian Kelpie Rescue as Millie is slowly getting into retirement from the training world and is looking forward to long naps and cuddles on the couch.
Millie is a very intelligent and obedient dog, but is also extremely lazy and silly. She often lazes around in my studio with me most of the day. Layza is always doing something, whether it is deciding how to get mum’s attention or chewing toilet paper rolls. She is a very switched on dog, whose mind is always solving problems. She is perfect for the work I do and has developed well with her obedience, proving an A+ level obedience, knowing many different tricks and is also learning some doggy dancing.


I have a very strong passion for photography, art and animals. The ability to solidify these three elements to create an artwork is an incredible thing.
I love to create paintings and drawings of elegance and beauty, anything and everything in the world is beautiful in some way, but it is how that is brought out.

I love painting the most, working with oil paints in a traditional painterly fashion allows me to express an animals character. Graphite drawings are my second favourite, which is why I offer graphite as well, there is nothing I find that is more precise than a pencil drawing. They do take a lot of prior thinking in regards to tone, especially highlights.

I strongly believe in these two mediums as the highest quality of artwork. I have had a huge amount of experience working with oils and graphite, and find they are the best way for me to create art.

I have worked with animals, especially dogs most of my life, they are my biggest inspiration.

I am a professional photographer and artist (painter).
I have a Diploma in Photo Imaging.
I strongly believe as long as you strive to better yourself you will never stop learning or improving.

My artwork has won several awards, and I have donated a lot of my time and work to supporting and helping animals


I, Rachael Dols, am a part time artist creating fine art in both oil paints and graphite pencils. I have worked for many years in these mediums creating work of pets and wildlife.

I work with people and their pets to create beautiful, vibrant, soulful artwork that reflects character and life. Working from photographs I will create the perfect piece that brings memories of your pets back into your heart.

I formed Unleashed Artistry in 2012, previously known as Rachael Dols Pet Art. The mission is to create artwork in the mediums of drawing, painting and photography to share with pet and animal lovers around the world.