Animal Portraits in Oil  & Pastel by Rachael Dols CLICK HERE FOR  PHOTOGRAPHY  BY UNLEASHED ARTISTRY
Photography by Unleashed Artistry


All my drawings are hand drawn using pastels. I use a few different archival quality papers, but my favourite is Art Spectrum Colourfix Suede. It is one of the finest quality papers available, and is highly resistant to wear and tear.

This style of drawing is very unique and extremely detailed. They are captivating and simple. You don't always need colour for a beautiful portrait. I love the use of pastel to create flow and movement in the piece. You can get very rich blacks as well as bright highlights. I use a combination of soft blended areas and details.

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I used to work mostly in graphite pencil as you had a large amount of control and the detail was unlimited. The only thing it lacked was deep shadows, and a limited flow, as in you could cover a large area in one stroke.

Below you can see some of my graphite drawings, however I don’t offer graphite portraits anymore.


My style for my pastel drawings is a combination of details and texture. I work on having the pastel smooth and blended with details in the face and eyes. I also compliment this by using the papers texture in the body and outer areas using broad strokes to give a more sketchy stylized look. If you look at my works you will see that the face of the animal is detailed and smooth and as it comes into the body it is less detailed, but more textured.

The pastels offer a very timeless and classic appearance. They are completed in pencils and sticks, and are completely mono tone. This medium is great for creating a very broad tonal range, they work well for both dramatic, high contrast portraits and subtle, soft portraits. I add details where needed and smooth off areas where needed to create and emphasis on the part of the portrait that is most captivating. They are beautiful, stylish pieces to suit any home.


I use a range of materials to create my drawings. I use different Art Spectrum soft pastel sticks for the deep shadows and highlights, I also use Conte pastel pencils for details and fine work. I also use erasers, brushes and blenders. The paper I use is fine quality pastel paper. It is created by the Art Spectrum Australia, it is called Colourfix Suede and has a fine tooth on it, perfect for holding layers of pastel and also smooth enough for details. The paper is quite thick at 500gsm so is very resistant to wear and tear. Once the drawing is finished I use a non-abrasive fixative to prevent it from damage, however all pastel drawings require framing as they will smudge still if touched and this can ruin the piece..

If you would like an graphite drawing of your pets please contact me to discuss your requirements.