Photography by Unleashed Artistry
Animal Portraits in Oil and Pastel by Rachael Dols
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Unleashed Artistry


I use a variety of professional quality tools and materials so you get the best product. I paint on Italian cotton stretched canvas, and use Art Spectrum professional quality oil paints.

Oil paintings are unlike any other paint media due to its consistency and buttery look. They take a long time to dry as they have pure oils mixed in with the paint. They out last any other medium and can bring a warm and luxurious feeling to any room. It is my favourite medium to work in due to the way the paint moves.

This page includes information on the artistic style I work in and also the materials I uses.

Below are just some of the oil paintings I have created over the years, click on one to read details and view it larger.


Because oil paint has a soft and rich buttery feel to it I love to use the paints qualities in my work. My style is a combination of painterly and detailed. I take a lot of time working in details around the focus area such as the eyes and face, but I also use the paint to ‘imply’ details in surrounding areas. If you imagine the painting has detail in the centre and gets softer as it gets closer to the edges of the canvas. I ike them to have a painted feel to them, so I make sure that the painting gets the colour harmony it needs and the paints blend to create a soft overall appearance.

I like to paint in layers, I will usually work up five or more layers to ensure the tones and colours are right. I paint the entire canvas with each layer which enables me to blend the paint together. This allows me to blend the colours and tones perfectly and add the final details over the wet paint. I love this style of painting.

I love to add a bit of flare and personality to the painting with the use of vibrant colours, this gives the perfect balance between realism with a warm and stylish feeling.


I use high quality materials to create my paintings. I use Art Spectrum professional quality oil paints, and I paint on fine gallery wrapped Italian cotton canvas. This type of canvas is perfect for fine details and is painted on the sides so can be hung without framing if chosen to. I don't mix turpentine in with my paint due to it being hazardous, so I use different high quality natural oils.

Oil paintings can take anywhere from 30 - 100+ hours to complete.

If you would like an oil painting of your pets please contact me to discuss your requirements.