Artwork Terms & Conditions Unleashed Artistry 2018/19

1.0 Payment

Full payment is to be paid including any framing, postage, prints etc. before the portrait is shipped.

A deposit of 50% is required before commencement on a portrait. Once a booking is secured the deposit is required within 14 days of booking confirmation to secure.

Payment can be made through PayPal via my order page. There is a $10.00 surcharge on payments made via PayPal. This will be added on to the total charge. Alternatively payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque.

1.1 Order Cancellation

If you cancel your order before I have started the actual painting/drawing process you will receive a refund minus a $75 admin fee.

If you cancel your order during the following stages, a cancellation fee  of a percentage of your deposit will incur:
Painting/Drawing Process: 50% - 100% (of deposit)
Finalisation: 100% (of deposit)

Your payment will be refunded to you minus any cancellation fees and paypal surcharges.

Artistic Style

I have a very specific artistic style in which artworks are created.

Please ensure you are up to date with my style by visiting my online gallery. Also ensure you like and are happy with my artistic style before ordering.

An artistic style is created by an artist and it is what distinguishes their work from others. It is as important as signing a finished work.

I will not change or alter my style of work. Upon ordering you grant Rachael Dols, Unleashed Artistry the right to create the work in their artistic style.

Satisfied with Your Portrait?

On my artwork I have a satisfaction policy. All work is created based on artist guidelines. You as the client grant Rachael Dols, Unleashed Artistry the right to create artwork on artists style & recommendations.

To ensure you love your portrait it is important to stay tuned in with the progress. I will email you update photographs of your work after each stage. It is important to request any changes as soon as possible if required.

Once it is time to finalize the portrait, I will photograph and send a copy to you. At this time you may request possible changes before I send/you collect the portrait. Some changes may be hard to do, costs may apply. Note changes on pastel drawings may be impossible to do.

Once the portrait is finalized and you have confirmed you are happy no changes will be made.

Changes to artistic style may not be made, see above clause 2.0 for details.

Costs will apply in some cases, varying.

Portrait Delivery Time

Each portrait takes a different amount of time to complete. Then there is the waiting list before hand and the finalisation and postage/collection.

I have a waiting list for portraits, so once you have booked in and paid the deposit for a portrait you will be put next in line on the waiting list.

Please consider the following when ordering a portrait:

- Waiting list (updated regularly) see my Blog for an up to date list.

- Time to complete the portrait (this varies from size and complexity).

- Delivery times (Postage or collection)

If you have a short deadline to meet, consider a Gift Voucher.

Framing & Prints

Once an order has been made on framing or prints it is final. Changes can not be made, and no money is refunded once the order has been made. I have another company that makes prints and does the framing, I order it on your behalf, I do not create prints or frame myself.

I however can try and alter or cancel an order if no start has been made, contact me as soon as possible if you have a problem, and I can see what can be done.

4.1 Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from date of purchase. They may not be exchanged for cash. Gift vouchers do not lock portrait prices at the amount they are when it is purchased, if prices rise within the time the gift voucher is purchased, the voucher still only entitles you to that amount purchased. Gift vouchers can only be redeemed by the purchaser or recipient (which is held in a data base), to prevent fraud.

Postage & Handling Damage/Loss

I post using Australia Post.
I only recommend signature on delivery for my artwork, this prevents someone else from collecting the package, or it being left in the weather.

I also recommend extra cover, which covers for damage or loss of a parcel. It costs $1.50 per $100 value (for parcels within Australia).

If your package is damaged during transit, please ensure you take multiple photos of the damage when arrived and send them to me, I will then contact Australia Post as the sender regarding the damage to review. Do not dispose of any packaging or materials, until the case is dealt with.

I pack my portraits and photography in a very durable and protective packaging: Clear wrap, foam padding, multiple layers of bubble wrap and finally a waterproof plastic outer shell. This protects from bumps, knocks, drops and weather elements.

I or Unleashed Artistry take no responsibility for damage during postage or once it has been collected which is why I recommend insurance and a signature on delivery.

Mail, Email Offers & Newsletters

Unleashed Artistry is granted the right to mail or email special offers, newsletters and promotions to you. Please inform me if you do not wish to receive this material.

Privacy Policy

All personal information including your email, mobile number, name etc are all confidential and are not accessible, sold or distributed to third parties.

If you wish for your full name to be kept anonymous in any testimonials or portrait information on my website please inform me.

Copyright & Reproduction Rights

All work including artwork and photography is created and owned by Rachael Dols, Unleashed Artistry. No work may be re produced, re sold or re created, by you or any third party under any circumstance for neither commercial or non-commercial use.

Any artwork commissioned or photography is for personal use and may not be used for financial gain, without consent from the artist.

For reproduction consent including print reproduction, please contact me to discuss options (fees may apply).

Unleashed Artistry & Rachael Dols has the right to use the artwork for media, advertising, promotional material, websites and social media.

Unleashed Artistry 2019